Series 7 - General Securities Representative Exam

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Regina Stema is 62 years old and wishes to retire at 65. The stock market has been in a bull market for 11 years. She has done well over the last decade with 90 percent of her portfolio in stocks and is concerned that the bull market is mature. She doesn't want downside equity volatility to impact her retirement. What might you suggest to her?

Buy put options on stocks
Diversify her portfolio; weighting more heavily on bonds. such as 75% weighting in bonds
Sell all of her holdings. Go to cash and money market funds immediately; before the market turns
Keep everything the same and do not change what has been working for a decade


The best choice is B. With 3 years to retirement, there should be a heavy concentration of bonds in the portfolio (more than stocks). Selling everything and going into a money market fund and cash could potentially cost her some return on investment with 3 years to go. She should not be in 90% stocks with 3 years to retirement